Special KFM Pre-Event

Awakening the Bliss Within - A Midsummer Night's Evening with Hans Christian & Ragani

Thursday, July 20th - 7:30pm - 9:18pm (108 minutes)

A special guided pre-KFM evening. Experience Ragani's guided gentle joints & glands movement for purification and clarity with live soul-stirring music by Hans, followed by a deeper relaxation into peace and stillness with live musical creations by Hans and Ragani. It's going to be a truly magical midsummer night's evening... reserve your seat now!

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Hans Christian

Hans Christian

Throughout his life as a composer, performer, and producer, German-born Hans Christian has been inspired to come up with music that induces relaxation and introspection, soul meditation and melancholic passion. The cello has served perfectly as his voice of expression and it has spoken in so many different ways since his first release of original music in 1988 under the title Signals from Unterland.

While this first release was still very raw and experimental, it served its purpose in blasting open the doors of creative expression, and he quickly set out to refine his sound on the next release, Hypnotized, released in 1989. This project started to resonate with audiences, and it definitely showed Hans’ style as a composer and artist. Two more titles quickly followed with Phantoms, released in 1993 on the Mexican Lejos Del Paraiso label, and Surrender, released in 1996, which caught the ear of John Diliberto who gave it a very generous review in Billboard magazine and who played it extensively on his nationally syndicated radio show Echoes.




Named as "100 Milwaukeeans You Need to Know" (OnMilwaukee.com), Ragani has been featured artist FOX 6, in numerous international publications (Recording Magazine, Ode, Kirtan: Chanting as a Spiritual Path, Yoga of Kirtan, American Veda, On Tour With Shure, etc.), and she is the yoga model for the award-winning book, Yoga: Mastering the Basics (and its two videos).

At age eight, Ragani met the legendary yoga master, Swami Rama, founder of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy, and former Shankaracharya of India, and he initiated and personally trained in the Himalayan Tradition of yoga sciences, meditation, and eastern music, including kirtan. An award-winning artist and producer with over 30 years of live Kirtan with Ragani events, her initiatives brought a regular kirtan scene to Milwaukee nearly 15 years ago— and it is currently one of the largest independent, ongoing kirtan scenes in the US. She has also written music for film & tv (dozens of placements on The Oprah Winfrey Show, among others), and her mantra beat releases have hit #1 on CDBaby and #18 on iTunes world music charts.


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